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INTRODUCTION The Remote Order Entry System allows opticians to enter prescription data via a standard Web browser ensuring maximum accuracy and efficiency. The online order form is quick and easy to complete, whilst giving the opportunity for the optician to send orders at any time whether the prescription house is open or not. When completed the order is automatically transferred to the lens calculating system in the prescription house ensuring a fast and secure way of placing orders, which in turn ensures a more efficient turn around.
There is no software required on the optician’s computer

PROGRESS OF AN ORDER The optician enters an order on the web form.
The order is automatically checked, as far as possible, to see that it has sensible values in all the fields and that no data is missing.  If there are problems, these are highlighted so that they may be corrected before the order is sent.
The order is sent by e-mail to the prescription house.
The Remote Order Entry program automatically picks up the e-mail, checks it, enters it into the system and prints a copy of the order. An acknowledgement e-mail is then sent to the optician giving details of the unique order number allocated to that prescription together with details of the order. This order number should always be quoted if the need arises to contact the prescription house.

The optician needs a computer connected to the internet and a web browser.  This system has been developed and tested on Internet Explorer as that is the standard browser used on the great majority of computers.  It should work on other browsers, but this has not been tested.
Next each optician needs a licence to run the system. This is obtained fromArdent Optical.
A ‘settings’ section on the web page is used to set up a ‘cookie’ on the optician’s computer. This contains the e-mail address of the optician, the licence number and a default convention box, which should be set to datum. This only needs to be set up once and the settings are used for all subsequent orders. (If you delete your cookies on a regular basis please note that the licence settings must be re-entered.)
The web address is This can be viewed and orders can be entered for trial purposes, but orders cannot be sent without a licence. When the sight is accessed for the first time it is suggested that it be added to your favourites list for easy future access.The help file can be accessed by using the mouse and left clicking on any words in italics or on the help button located at the top right of the order form.

TO REQUEST A LICENCE Please contact Ardent Optical. on phone on 01652 660070 or by email on